Analyst Data Part I: What is it?

The major selling point of StrataBet Invest is the Analyst Data, but what is it?

Every match from our 16 “top” competitions is subject to rigorous data collection by an expert football analyst.

160-200 individual events are typically recorded per match, with the most crucial of these being our measures of chance quality.

At Stratagem we focus on “chances” instead of “shots”, breaking them down into three categories and showing them on our Review pages:

Great Chances
Good Chances

A “Great Chance” is a situation that a player would be expected to score from.

A “Good Chance” is a situation that a payer could score from but would not necessarily be expected to.

An “Attempt” is a situation that a player would not be expected to score from.

*Please note that these situations are not required to result in a shot to be recorded.

Since the beginning of the 2014/15 English Premier League season the proportion of these are as follows:

17% of all chances are Great Chances
28% of all chances are Good Chances
55% of all chances are Attempts

The graph below shows their conversion rates compared to that of shots on target in the same timeframe:


The relationship here is almost perfectly linear: Great Chances result in 13% more goals than Shots on Target, which result in 12% more goals than Good Chances, which result in 13.5% more goals than Attempts.

We will discuss why this is important tomorrow in Analyst Data Part II: Why is it valuable?